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After the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, this had a big impact on the value of the pound, making the price of this house volatile, cheaper for foreign investors, offers a rare opportunity to own real estate here at a reasonable price. UK real estate investment brings outstanding benefits when owning, meeting the diverse needs of investors

Investment is profitable :

  • Potential growth value up to 10% / year.
  • The most transparent market for global real estate investors
  • Attractive rental rates and high rental rates attract investors.
  • The UK population is currently ranked 21st in the world, its growth rate is double that of the average in Europe, proving that demand for real estate will increase in the near future.
  • It is forecasted that 20% of the population will stay at home for the next 5 years.
  • The current real estate supply in the UK is low and completely different from the demand. Most people in the first home buying age (18-34) choose to rent because of high housing prices (buyassociation.co.uk), creating a "rental era" with more than 5 million households in the UK. are renting a house.

The US open sale policy allows foreigners to purchase unlimited real estate and permanently own the purchased property. Transparent management apparatus helps the US real estate market develop stably, bringing confidence and safety to foreign investors.

The country has a beautiful geographical position and high connectivity with many other regions in the world. London Airport is also the most connected airport in the world.

Are you planing for investment in business...

Good investment opportunities for smart investors.