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After more than 50 years, the Australian real estate market has consistently maintained a double growth rate after 7-9 years. At the same time, with rapid growth (14% / year), strong rental market and stable rental income, Australian real estate always maintains the attraction for foreign investors. Currently, real estate prices in some Australian cities are very suitable for Vietnamese investors, accompanied by high growth potential.


  • BENEFITS OF LIVING Located in prime locations, the center of the big cities, surrounded by modern facilities, maximizing service for life.
  • OWN LIFE Real estate investment in Australia, investors are permanently owned, as well as transferring real estate ownership to their children.
  • POTENTIAL GROWTH TO 14% Investment opportunities in the most exciting real estate market in Oceania, with an average growth rate of up to 14% / year.
  • SAFETY PROCESS - TRANSPARENCY The deposit is managed by a third party and only transferred to the project owner when the investor has received the finished product.

The US open sale policy allows foreigners to purchase unlimited real estate and permanently own the purchased property. Transparent management apparatus helps the US real estate market develop stably, bringing confidence and safety to foreign investors.

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